Saturday, January 10, 2009

top 100 tutorial list

Isn't this Kitty just the cutest thing ever? Oh I am in love.

photo property of Cherryskin

Wow, I found her over at this really cool list of 100 tutorials posted by The Long Thread blog . There is enough stuff on this list to keep me busy for a whole year! high on my list to make are the black apple doll and the calico kitty as well as some of the mushroom stuff.

photo property of A Little House By The Sea

If you have anyone expecting a baby in the next year, your struggle with what to make them has been solved. There are a ton of great ideas on this list from all over the web. go check it out!


~Phoenix~ said...

Thanks for sharing this, now I know where to find it when I have time!!!

maltagirl said...

let me know what you are planning to work on and we can have a sewing bee:)

dottyspots said...

I've seen those mushrooms before, they are fabulous aren't they!

maltagirl said...

oh how i love them. those mushrooms are on my list!