Thursday, January 8, 2009

nothing but blue skys....

photo taken by desi, age 10

but dang, is it cold! brrrrrrrrr. The forecast keeps saying things like 72 but I am not feeling it. My poor neglected garden, the weeds are taking over and the dirt is still really wet and cold from those storms we had. But my snows peas have poked up their little heads and the shelling peas are a few feet tall. i also have beets, cabbage and onions in the ground as well.

snow peas

Some would say we are so lucky here in Sunny California to be able to garden all year round. Personally I find it tireing, never a break, always something to be done. And yet being able to pick the best tasting tangerines off my tree in January is pretty darn rewarding.

satsuma tangerine


~Phoenix~ said...

great pic Desi! I know what you mean, i am digging like crazy and amending and it's really cold out there today! I think I'll go back to the laundry!

kat said...

yum that tangerine looks delish! i was visiting my poor, neglected farm just this morning. the fennel is ready to harvest, & the sugar snaps are 3ft tall. beyond that we have things only just poking up here & there.