Tuesday, January 29, 2008

I'mmmmm backkkkkk!

Well that was a long absence full of computer woes and frustrations. Well the ol' girl is back up and running, so here I am! I must say that the lack of computer sure makes me more productive around the house. It actually is pretty clean here and the laundry is even done. Instead of coveting everyone in blog lands art, I have actually been creating some new art. I have been knitting up a storm and it seems to be contagious. Both paper and belfry have joined me in this fiber filled past time. Not sure how the rest of you get so much done in your studios...I know you have kids too!

pictures tomorrow I promise!

Thursday, January 3, 2008

Interview with Chumby

Don't you love this penny rug???? I am planning to make something similar as my next big project. I know there is a cool history behind the penny rugs but I have forgotten it. Mama brain needs to go and goggle it again!

We are experiencing a new phenomenon here at Sleepy Hollow Hall. We like to call it interview with Chumby. It usually occurs at around 1 am and involves my son (1 1/2) coming out of a dead sleep and chattering away. Now the vocabulary of said child is rather limited but his imagination is not.

Last night he told us all about the lobsters that were living in the crack in between the wall and the bed. He also decided that all the trees outside were monsters. He must be having some crazy dreams!

so needed, I had a wonderful day yesterday reconnecting with my girls after the holidays. I guess the kids really needed it as well, we never heard a peep from them. Thanks for coming over guys!

Wednesday, January 2, 2008

.......all done

whew, they are over. I made it through christmas, though I am still trying to find place for all the presents. You see we were spoiled rotten this year and as I live is a small house (not as small as my dear friend soap) space is at a premium. Where do you keep something like the cool pedal car the baby got for xmas??? I usually spend november purging so as to create enough space for the goodies. I obviously didn't toss enough. I had a fantasy about a huge dumpster yesterday.....dangerous business.

Anyway, new years was very peaceful around here. We had a lovely family night with our new board games. Daddy was a very good sport about playing yoga garden with us. All of us were in bed early! The hullabaloo at midnight woke me and the man up enough to roll over and smouch over the babies head and drop back off to dream land.

New years day is the man's birthday. Usually we go to china town and wander around but alas Alaster woke with a very painful ear infection and some serious snot. No outing today folks.

goals for the new year include:

reclaiming my studio

dropping some poundage

making holidays really wonderful

creating on a regular basis with no intention to sell things this year

posting here regularly w/lots of photos

this list will continue to grow i am sure.

Happy new to all!