Wednesday, January 14, 2009

i give in

this mandala is property of Shiva Lotus

ok universe, I hear you and bow to your wishes.
I am canceling all planned activity and the rest of my life until i regain my health.

Body, mind and spirit.

after a long list of aliments, my back is now out.
we have been sick since september

i will be here being quiet and resting, with my kids.
we will color and sew, build blocks and eat outside in the sun.
I will surrender to the slow down and embrace it.
I will really listen to what is going on around me
I will pay attention to how well the enforce solitude is suiting my family.
I will schedule some regular playdates for the children (separately) so their needs and mine are met.

for those of you who have offered help I will be taking you up on it.
For most of my life I have been the strong loner.
Life's lesson is obviously to graciously accept help where it is offered.

and to think i didn't know what i was going to post about today!

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