Thursday, August 28, 2008

garden delight

well it august here on the farm (just barely) and the garden is moving into overdrive. Today I roasted a bunch of tomatoes and eggplants for future suppers. The house smells so yummy! The tomatoes are headed for roasted tomato basil soup from the vegan lunchbox book. The eggplants are destined to become eggplant fritters ala Martha Stewart! sooooo good.

This weekend I am off to a local u-pick operation. Roma tomatoes for .40 per pound. Just can't pass that up, plus the raspberries are in season. My beloved mother in law has a 1000 sq ft kitchen that I will be invading for tomato canning mania 2008. If you have to work, work in style I always say!

stay tuned for the results.....

Friday, August 8, 2008

all in my head

sorry for the delayed absence, this summer has been hot and I have had to run away. Far, far away to the corners of my mind. I am busy camping out in the Provence countryside, with my dragonfly compatriots. Aren't our gypsy wagons divine ? I even bought the children a pony to play with. They are so happy. here is a lovely shot of our caravan at dusk.

Jealous, yeah me too! sadly it is all a dream and these lovely wagons are far away. I don't even own the photos. They belong to a gypsy at heart in the french country side. Follow the links to the rest of her photos and create a dream of your own

Monday, August 4, 2008

it is over! Whew!

well I must apologize for the extended absence! My partners in crime, paper and belfry, and I signed up to teach a class at the California Homeschool Networks annual conference. The conference was held over the weekend so needless to say that up until now, we have been running around like chickens with our heads cut off.

What did we teach you ask???? Well Hogwarts at home of course! How to educate your young witch or wizard in a proper hogwarts fashion. I was an overwhelming success. What you missed our session?? Didn't have your time turner with you? No worries, just hop on over to our blog and catch up on what you missed. We will be offering prize drawings, posting successful projects and field trips and keeping you abreast of our hogwarts journey.

Don't miss the train!