Friday, January 30, 2009

my piggy addiction

by now you may have figured out that i really love pigs! what do i love about them...

well, how about the cute little noses,

if that doesn't do it for you, how about the tiny little pig butts?

or the fabulous piggy sleeping piles?

To get my piglet fix, thing one and I went on down to a local demonstration farm to view the newest litter of piglets. Oh man if i didn't know how big they would get i would have tucked at least one (maybe even two) into my pockets!

with a pig at home it is hard to believe that i still need to go out in search of pig love, but there you go. true addiction!

The only thing that comes close to my pig love is maybe cows!


Alicia said...

pigs are definitely cute :)

I added you to my blogroll! You're blog is so fun!

mandy said...

I love pigs! The butt shot is so cute. And piglets? Oh my they are the sweetest ever. I love to see a bunch of them all running around together, I can't believe how small they are.

Spool {} said...

Perfect pink pretty piggies:)
Wish I could see some in person!

maltagirl said...

i am so glad to not be alone in my piggy love! thanks all!

Glue Girl said...

I can totally understand your piggie love b/c we have goats. And there is nothing better than baby goat love. Except maybe baby piggie love. I don't know. I've never had a baby piggie, but always wanted one when I was young. And guess what? We're getting some new baby goats here soon! Lil Spotted Dog (swap bot) Gain exposure to your blog.