Monday, January 26, 2009

Too Hot!

it has been so warm here that all of the garden is out of sorts. none of the plants can tell what season it is.

all of my summer and spring plants are flowering.

The ladybugs are hatching way early and the bees are freaking out on our giant tree in the yard.

It is covered in flowers and it sounds like a jet plane is over your head, the bees are so loud. Not sure what will happen now. the rain is back and colder temps seem to be on their way. who knows what the garden will do next.


mandy said...

I can't believe these pictures! We just got about 0 last week in Iowa! Finally above freezing for a couple of days. Of course we are back down to the teens today.

maltagirl said...

crazy as this sounds, i would trade for a bit if i could!