Monday, February 25, 2008

see alaster

see alaster love the cat

see the cat love alaster

see the cat run!

Friday, February 22, 2008

under contrustion!

sorry for the delayed absence, i swear I have a good reason. You see our shared studio space finally hit critical mass and I had to evict my dear hubby. I have included photos to show that I am not a mean cruel, heartless woman, nay not I. I am a woman surrounding by weird piles of unidentifiable junk. My dearest keeps everything and I really mean everything!

so what have I done? Where has he gone with all of his stuff? No where actually, it is I who left. It suddenly dawned on me as we were building the new studio space that it should be mine. Hahahaa mine all mine, with locks on the door and only one key! Pretty furniture and no motorcycles allowed.

can you see it through the construction.....isn't she pretty with her gabbled roof.

I feel like making a no boys allowed sign! but what would I do with the baby????

Pardon My Dust

Big things are happening here at Sleepy Hollow Hall.........

can't wait to share them with you

Monday, February 11, 2008

Piggy rodeo

Meet my pig, Pig-a-lily. Poor sweet(not really all that sweet) unsuspecting pig, basking in the early morning sun after a cold february night.

Meet Pam! The awesome pig whisperer lady. She who tossed my cranky ol' pig on her back in one swift motion and proceeded to work on pig's horribly overgrown feet for the next hour. Pam rocks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

See pig hide for the rest of the day. I wish she hid under her lemon tree but alas she was deep in her house refusing all photos......Don't look at me, I'm hideous!

I wish you all could hear the crazy sounds coming out of that pig.

Saturday, February 9, 2008

early morning dance party

What better way to accomplish thing #5 for the challenge than an early morning dance party wake-up! everyone butts in the air and shake them like you just don't care!!!

what are they listening to?????Who can tell. Maybe the music is stuff only they can hear. Certainly their awesome dance moves can only be executed by the very young!

I have a feeling this thing a day challenge is going to take more than 30 days to complete. How do all you blog mamas get all your posting done, not to mention something interesting to post about!

Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Day 4 star wars day!

Everything is fine, situation are you? what in the heck is going on here. The queens ship has been over run by Polly pocket and Disney princesses! Who is responsible for this blasphemy!
Don't look now but the rancor is loose and eating naked girls........

I should have known !It is a good thing they are so cute and dad said they could play with all his toys. Yes folks the star wars toys belong to the 34 yr old!

SO needless to say .....we watched Espisode 4 and play with star wars toys.

what day is it?????

Oh Yay, day 3. Ok I am busted. I didn't post for a few days, things got crazy around here. Many people believe that home schooling means you have all this extra time to do your own really cool things. I guess I do to a point but it also means that my children are with me 24/7! and they talk.....a lot. I am a lucky mama!

So what did I do for day 3 you ask. You may have some memory about pj making. Well I got everything out and jumped right in. But i got cold feet when i couldn't remember how to figure out the straight of the grain in my pretty fabric. soooooo i will wait till my next sewing class and have my fab teacher help me.

I did find this cool 100 ft diet challenge over at my favorite urban farmers site. So I took a spin around the yard to see what we could eat. Boy I tell you if we could only eat what we have here our meals would be pretty whacky. The scary thing is, we have way more food growing than most of the people we know.

Sunday, February 3, 2008

thing-a-day 2

Today is Hogwarts day. Herbology and Potions supervised by none other than the notorius professor Snape and sweet professor Sprout but taught by by myself and Belfry. They covered Calendula and its healing properties as well as Invisibility Crystals. They loved it as usual, but I digress.

While hanging with the mamas is always a high point in my darling husband treated me to an evening alone. He ran off with both children to his mom's house leaving me totally alone. Now I have not been alone in this house for a really long time. I almost didn't know what to do with myself. I sort of spun in a circle for a bit trying to figure out what to work on.

well the challenge saved me. I finished the big table cloth and was able to make a smaller version for the kids table as well. I was then able to move on to completing my felt ravioli. MMMMMMmmmmmmmm looks good!

For tomorrow I plan on cutting my new pjs out and starting up the ol' etsy shop.

Saturday, February 2, 2008

thing-a-day challenge

I have been challenged by my crafty cohort, paper, to participate in the Thing-a-day challenge! What is said challenge you ask??? Well we at the Dragonfly artisans co-op have agreed to set a goal each and every day for the month of February and get it done! I love the energy behind this. I don't know if you are like me but once the ball gets rolling I am hard to stop.

Yes there is a website and an official challenge behind this, but we missed the deadline for sign-ups. Plus I am not sure how to make those cool lite up words that take you right to the other really what is the point!

My goal for today was to get the toilet clean! Not only did the whole bathroom get cleaned but so did about 95% of the rest of the house. yes I do tend to be an over achiever.

My goal for tomorrow: Learn how to do the hot link thing! Help me paper, your my only hope.

I also plan on finishing my new super adorable valentines day tablecloth and napkins. We will have to see how the Hogwarts classes go.