Saturday, February 7, 2009

yep, it's raining!

I can't tell you how happy the rain makes me. I am sure I have said that before! Since there will be no Disneyland today or going anywhere for that mater,
I decided to indulge my latest obsession.
For a while now I have been singing bizarre Free To Be You & Me songs in my head.
Do you remember that movie? It came out in 1974 courtesy of Marlo Thomas & friends.
So this morning I surrended and started a youtube search. Follow the link if you dare! I was sweep right back to third grade. Any bad weather days (i lived in Minnesota then, they were all bad!) they would play this movie for us.

Oh the memories!


kat said...

i had that album, & wore it out. the songs still remain some of my most favorite.

dh knows marlo thomas, but won't introduce me. i think he's worried i'll start singing at her.

maltagirl said...

i can see it now! we would be known as the people who sang marlo to death!