Friday, February 27, 2009

help me!

my husband has a mustache! what do I do?
I hate mustaches. I don't like kissing the walrus. I am getting totally creeped out by wet mustache fur. but he loves it. he stands for hours in the bathroom mirror making funny faces. Long minutes warming up the wax to groom the darn thing. many passes of the hand to create just the perfect part in the middle. He calls this cat mouth. Hate to break it to you dear, but cat mouth is soft and precious, not wet and pokey!

at this point i am praying for a razor mishap!


lauragallagher said...

Ha Ha ha ha !
Thanks for the laugh!

maltagirl said...

so happy someone can benefit from my woes:)

gsglbc said...

I regret that I have but one mustache to grow. and I love you, but this is just something I must do.

Bean said...

it needs better shaping... maybe he should try a handlebar??

~Phoenix~ said...

OMG, that is hilarious!!!!! Mustaches are only good for one I can't post it here. I have an awful pic to share with you of another pretty rotten stache on the Hairy One.