Saturday, February 21, 2009

photo property of phaedra phoenix

For some of you this photo is probably getting a little worn! I have used it a few times. But for today's post it is perfect! You see my Aunt has just been diagnosed with breast cancer. She has to have a double mastectomy and all of the yucky chemo that goes with with it. So I thought I would knit another prayer shawl like the one above. This way I will be able to wrap my sweet aunt in all of my love, even though I am three thousand miles away. A weak substitute for being there but better than nothing.

Anyone interested in knitting the prayer shawl above can follow this link to the
prayer shawl ministries. It is a lovely project to participate in.


~Phoenix~ said...

Gosh Shaz, I'm so sorry what a week. I love my shawl so completely. I will make one for someone I know who is dealing with a young hubby who has cancer.

kat said...

what terrible news!

both the man & i have aunts battling breast cancer right now as well.

your aunt will join our hopes & thoughts.

maltagirl said...

thanks for the well wishes! this is my second auntie in a year with a double mast. so barbaric.... what ever little bit of comfort I can bring, i almost feel like it is a duty.