Tuesday, February 3, 2009

shenanigans shop news

just added to the shop are these two new items no fairy lover should be with out! The first is a lovely little toadstool table and stools. I can hear the fairies getting the tea kettle on as we speak, can't you?

the other new addition is this more complete play set. Complete with two hand painted trees and a few fairy glass stones, it is ready for loads of fantasy play. On a nature table, felted playscape or your favorite doll or borrower house, this set is calling your name. Really I can hear it.

In honor of Valentines day,
I will be extending free shipping on any order from my shop.

From Feb 2 - Feb 20


Bean said...

hey you! I'm sorry I've been too swamped to reply to you until just now, but I just remembered that you wanted to set up a swap for one of my skulls? Annabel would love some bow-tie pasta if you just wanted to do a straight trade? Let me know! <3 Bean

maltagirl said...

oh that would be perfect! since I have two swaps to ship to you, i will just tuck it in with the rest!

Bean said...

awesome! If you want to email me your mailing address (I am not organized!) and let me know if there is one from my shop that you like more than any others, I can send it out tomorrow! <3

Rhynah said...

I'm here for a visit through Gain exposure to your blog -swap. I really like the idea that you have a picture in every post. It makes the blog look really interesting.
And who could not get a smile on her face when looking at those pictures of pigs. Aww... <3 :D

Mary VG said...

Hey lady,
we met at the MV crafting night. I'm the redhead that's not a super model!!! I would love to bring my kids to meet you pig. Call me when you have a moment. Any chance I can bring my tribe on Monday morning?
Mary - 213 703 7729