Monday, March 29, 2010

Your Trash - My Treasure

so if you read my husband's blog, this is old news and he writes better than I. If you haven't here's the deal. Tried to swing by the farmer's market on my home yesterday only to find all the vendors packing up. I hate it when that happens! SO I stayed to chat with a few friends when I here my name from across the lot. I wandered over to find that one of the farmers had tossed a GIGANTIC bag of produce in the dumpster. Now normally i am not a dumpster diver however, I have a lot of animals to feed here on the farm! SO I dragged it all home with the help of my wagon and the 11 yr old and started to process it all.

It soon turned into a very pleasant family affair. Sorting through 40lbs of strawberries and getting them ready for processing. So far we have made some excellent strawberry popsicles, breakfast smoothies and a lovely strawberry coulis over ginger ice cream. Quite tasty!

We also managed to score about 12lbs of celery, 20 lbs of kale and some random red cabbage and zucchini. So far I made tortilla soup with the rest of the veg and my favorite Chinese style marinated celery salad. I will post the salad recipe tomorrow.