Monday, March 1, 2010


It isn't everyday that you get to answer the age old question of " So, what did you do this weekend?" with, "well, I spent my day knitting in a gallery with eight foot knitting needles!" . I can't begin to tell you how fun this was. Not only are the needles that huge, they have a duck call inside of them. As you move them around the duck call is triggered. The sound is like one of those mow cow toys that you flip over to hear the sound.

In addition to having fun with giant sticks, I have the great pleasure of teaching the young and old how to finger knit! Now that was a cool weekend!


bhán said...

That looks like quite a challenge, will the resulting garment be large enough for Godzilla?

maltagirl said...

actually you can see one of the garments in the photos. It is knitted with the yellow caution tape.

it was almost like dancing a very precise dance, other wise you would get knocked in the back of the head!

kats in the belfry said...

ha! what fun :)

~Phoenix~ said...

Super fun, I forgot in all my no school excitement and wanted to come by!! Great pics!