Friday, March 5, 2010

Wild in the city

One of the challenges of raising children in the city, is how to give them a connection to nature.

A place to run about and squeal with delight at an unusual mushroom discovery,

or a meadow filled with scurrying ground squirrels bounding away into the brush.

To revel under the canopy of the great old oak tree, it's long arms stretching down to the ground.

the chance to follow a magical path where ever it might lead.

This week it led us to Caspers Wilderness Park . The Children learned which plants they might harvest for a lovely green herb tea and how to eat red ants. I have to tell you red ants have an incredible crunch with with a very sweet finish!

My family has been blessed with a unique opportunity, the Earthroots Field School.
Every week we meet in a new location out in the "wild". Who knew that all of these places were so close to home. So many opportunities to explore. So I thought that I would share them with you every friday. Each week I will post photos and the location from that weeks adventure. If you live in Southern California, this is an invaluable resource!

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