Friday, June 13, 2008

This is how we roll

as many of you have realized, gas is getting very precious. if you haven't realized this, I kindly suggest you come out from under your rock and check out the world around you. There is an awful lot going on. Many of us are having to really think about where we are driving too, and why. No longer can we afford to blindly dash out for a bit of this or a bite of that.

For my family this has meant a return to a simpler form of transportation.

This how we roll now.

yesterday, we left the car at home and went to the bank, P.O. and the farmer's market. On the way home we stopped at the park to play. Can I take a minute to tell you how rewarding this was. Yes, yes, we didn't drive the car hooray! But more importantly my two children and I spent two and a half hours together. I mean really together. no car stereo or images whizzing by the window to distract. No hurry here and there, buckle in and out of car seats. We chatted and watched birds and choose our fruit and veg for the week.

what a priceless moment in our very fast world.

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