Monday, June 9, 2008

It is official!!!!

the shenanigans etsy shop is now open for business! If you look in the side bar there is a link to it. Just click on the blue maltagirl line and that will take you directly to my shop. At the moment there is this lovely selection of felt play food (waldorf style) and some eye pillows.

yummy, a pita for lunch! the lettuce is hand embroidered and the pickles and tomatoes have needle felt details.

spaghetti with marinara strands. so full of fibery goodness.

Farfalle (bowties) and a marinara puddle.

ravioli with marinara puddle.

I am planning on creating a pasta set with all the different pastas I make. Keep your eyes peeled as soon the pancake and strawberry breakfast will be up. New items will be added weekly to keep your little chef well supplied.

Enough about shenanigans-kids what about the grown-ups you say????? Well at the moment I have the eye pillows up. Soon there will be soap as well and a slew of other lovely gifties for you and your loved ones.

keep checking back. Shop updates happen on Mondays!
thank you and good day!


Anonymous said...

kumaşlar gerçek gibi gözüküyor

fatura tahsilat merkezi

kat said...

how wonderful! i just know people will snap-up your creations quickly.

maltagirl said...

we can only hope!