Friday, June 13, 2008

Back to basics Challenge!

The folks over at Path To Freedom have issued a challenge to all you gardeners out there! From the newbie to the veteran, you are invited to join them on the path to food freedom.

In a nutshell, it means growing what you can to feed yourself. You can read all about the particulars if you click the back to basics link on the left sidebar.

I am happy to report that this week we harvested:

2 1/2 dozen eggs
1 lb swiss chard
a handful of thyme
a handful of basil
1 oz of chamomile

it doesn't sound like a whole lot but it sure felt good. The rest is growing away. I am still working on my timing in the garden. I need to get things in the ground faster and work on the continuous harvest thing.

What is growing in your garden??

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