Thursday, June 19, 2008

Construction update

Some of you may remember that my dear husband is building me a new studio, as he and all of his stuff took over my former studio. You have been asking me for progress reports. Sadly the progress is very slow! We are now waiting to be able to afford the electrician coming and sorting that all out. Most of the electrical is done, it just needs to be connected to the circuit breaker. Not really stuff I want to mess I am saving my pennies!

Here is the inside view from the front door. You can tell the man has been here. See all the tell tale all over the place and lots of sawdust!

The outside, I am happy to say is completed! Isn't it cute. My door is the set on the left. This studio will be much smaller than my former space but it has a lock on the door! Once it is completed we will be building a little patio outside the back door. I am planning a little bistro table and chairs to sit at and sip my coffee while gazing out over my little orchard!


~Phaedra~ said...

It's divine, I love it!! I'll bring champers to open it up!!

maltagirl said...

thanks felt...what are champers????