Monday, March 24, 2008

What I miss the most!

I miss coffee and salty crunchy little snacks! Why you ask, am I denying myself these necessities of daily life with children? I mean how is a girl to survive the insanity that is raising children full time without some comfort eating! Well it is simple really, I stopped feeling good! My body starting giving me a hundred different indicators that all was not well.

--here is the laundry list of my complaints --

warning this isn't edited for those with a delicate stomach.

read on at your own risk

I could never really get my hair clean. It was always lack luster and kinda greasy ( pretty, I know!). I was easy to anger and frustrated all the time. Short tempers and home schooled children do not mesh my friends. My skin was a mess, lots of break outs and always kinda red and blotchy. My feet were a mess. I had what I thought was athletes foot in between my toes but the rest of my foot was a dry scaly mess that would crack and split so deep that walking was painful. I also had what I thought was jock itch. I told you this was not for the faint of heart. To top it all off, I am way heavier than I want to be. Try like 40 -50 lbs to heavy. I am sorry but that number is daunting!

So what have I been up to in order to fix all this.....well My dearest mother turned me on to this Holistic Nutritionist named Dr. Gillian McKeith. Let me tell you, she rocks! She has a show on the BBC called "You Are What You Eat". It is like going to an AA meeting. So amazing to watch these people go through her program, all their struggles and then the final reveal and success. It is truely amazing.

Through Dr gillian's interactive website, I have signed up for her 8-week program. You go through and fill out an intensive 20 page survey about yourself and you receive a 50 page document in return. This book outlines the changes you need to make in order to seriously change your life. It is a big adjustment at first but as your body starts to shift I have found it less difficult to stick to.

For me this has meant letting go of: Caffine, yeast, wheat, sugar and dairy. What in the world do I eat. Good question, it diffenetly takes planning! Lots of new beans and grains, tons of fruit and veggies. It would be easy to describe it as being vegan but for many people you will be advised to eat lean chicken and fish.

So here's what I am going to do. I am going to have a weekly post where I will document my journey and share one or two fab recipes (either of my own creation or otherwise noted). It is my hope to inspire you to take on your own journey whatever it maybe.

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kat said...

you're amazing my sweet friend; keep up the hard work!!!!