Sunday, March 16, 2008

meet the girls

Meet buckbeek, isn't she pretty! she is one of the oldest chicken girls in my little flock.

These three black and white beauties are my silver laced wyandotes

See that pretty gold and black in the middle? She is one of my three gold laced wyandotes. I added the wyandotes last summer and they have just started to lay consistently. I love it when one of the girls lays an egg. She can't wait to show it off. The chicken girl in question start shouting for me to come and she her handy work. So proud of my babies!

If you are interested in chickens of your own, I would be happy to pass on any info I have! I got my new girl from the folks over at path to freedom. Last time I checked they still had some chickens needing homes. Otherwise you can get chicks from your local feed store or Murray McMurray hatcheries. Nothing quite like fresh, free range organic eggs.

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