Monday, March 24, 2008

Blue bunnies and the sugar freak!

well I must say, Easter was a raging success over here at Sleepy Hollow Hall. Complete with Easter baskets, an egg hunt and new crafty goodness from mom. I made both children these little yellow felted chicks! I used a combo of wet and dry felting techniques. I am really happy with how they turned out!

With this little blue bunny , I am not as pleased. Much like my dear friend Belfry, I could not get his bum shaped the way I wanted it. The pattern is in the latest issue of Living Crafts. Go it a go and send me your feed back. The good news is that both children love the bunnies to death.

which leads me to the sugar over dose that happened at my house. yes i am sad to say that one to many malted milk robins eggs were consumed by my delightful children. they were flying around the room laughing maniacally!

fun was had by all

until of course they all disolved into tears. and so ends yet another sad sugar high!


kat said...

that bunny is definitely the long, lost identical-yet-blue twin of our bunny!

maltagirl said...

my other one is a bit better. second attempt and all that but still have a long way to go