Wednesday, February 6, 2008

what day is it?????

Oh Yay, day 3. Ok I am busted. I didn't post for a few days, things got crazy around here. Many people believe that home schooling means you have all this extra time to do your own really cool things. I guess I do to a point but it also means that my children are with me 24/7! and they talk.....a lot. I am a lucky mama!

So what did I do for day 3 you ask. You may have some memory about pj making. Well I got everything out and jumped right in. But i got cold feet when i couldn't remember how to figure out the straight of the grain in my pretty fabric. soooooo i will wait till my next sewing class and have my fab teacher help me.

I did find this cool 100 ft diet challenge over at my favorite urban farmers site. So I took a spin around the yard to see what we could eat. Boy I tell you if we could only eat what we have here our meals would be pretty whacky. The scary thing is, we have way more food growing than most of the people we know.

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