Sunday, February 3, 2008

thing-a-day 2

Today is Hogwarts day. Herbology and Potions supervised by none other than the notorius professor Snape and sweet professor Sprout but taught by by myself and Belfry. They covered Calendula and its healing properties as well as Invisibility Crystals. They loved it as usual, but I digress.

While hanging with the mamas is always a high point in my darling husband treated me to an evening alone. He ran off with both children to his mom's house leaving me totally alone. Now I have not been alone in this house for a really long time. I almost didn't know what to do with myself. I sort of spun in a circle for a bit trying to figure out what to work on.

well the challenge saved me. I finished the big table cloth and was able to make a smaller version for the kids table as well. I was then able to move on to completing my felt ravioli. MMMMMMmmmmmmmm looks good!

For tomorrow I plan on cutting my new pjs out and starting up the ol' etsy shop.


EnchantedMusing said...

YAY!! you are the only one who posted for day 2! LOL i'm off to get caught up. everything looks so great by the way. mini-paper is looking forward to new foods. we are ready to purchase.

kat said...

beautiful ravioli! mmmmmm.

SPARKLEdarkko said...

the ravioli looks fabulous! nicely executed.