Friday, February 22, 2008

under contrustion!

sorry for the delayed absence, i swear I have a good reason. You see our shared studio space finally hit critical mass and I had to evict my dear hubby. I have included photos to show that I am not a mean cruel, heartless woman, nay not I. I am a woman surrounding by weird piles of unidentifiable junk. My dearest keeps everything and I really mean everything!

so what have I done? Where has he gone with all of his stuff? No where actually, it is I who left. It suddenly dawned on me as we were building the new studio space that it should be mine. Hahahaa mine all mine, with locks on the door and only one key! Pretty furniture and no motorcycles allowed.

can you see it through the construction.....isn't she pretty with her gabbled roof.

I feel like making a no boys allowed sign! but what would I do with the baby????

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kat said...

yay! how about "no manboys allowed?"