Saturday, February 2, 2008

thing-a-day challenge

I have been challenged by my crafty cohort, paper, to participate in the Thing-a-day challenge! What is said challenge you ask??? Well we at the Dragonfly artisans co-op have agreed to set a goal each and every day for the month of February and get it done! I love the energy behind this. I don't know if you are like me but once the ball gets rolling I am hard to stop.

Yes there is a website and an official challenge behind this, but we missed the deadline for sign-ups. Plus I am not sure how to make those cool lite up words that take you right to the other really what is the point!

My goal for today was to get the toilet clean! Not only did the whole bathroom get cleaned but so did about 95% of the rest of the house. yes I do tend to be an over achiever.

My goal for tomorrow: Learn how to do the hot link thing! Help me paper, your my only hope.

I also plan on finishing my new super adorable valentines day tablecloth and napkins. We will have to see how the Hogwarts classes go.

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misschris said...

You inspired me to get up and clean my bathroom! I've been meaning to clean that tub so I can give Greta a bath. She barely fits in the baby bath anymore. I have a sparkling cammode now as well! I feel like such a good little housewife today.