Friday, November 28, 2008

happy crumb day

in our family the day after thanksgiving is called crumb day. We gorge ourselves on leftovers and start drooling over all the wonderful leftover receipes everyone is coming out with now. One of my favorites is a thanksgiving shepards pie! yummmmmmmy!

I trust you all had a lovely day filled with many things to be grateful for. We spent a relaxing day at grammie's house surrounded by food. I managed to get a lot of hand work done on a couple of xmas presents as well. Not to shabby.

Now the christmas preparations must begin in earnest! the decorations need to be sorted out and scattered about. Lots of present need to be made and hidden. A bit of shopping here and there of course. And one of our favorite traditions, our advent calender. Ours is filled with activities this year, one for each day. Everything from visiting santa at disneyland to simply putting up the tree! Homeschooling has been somewhat suspended for the month so that we can just focus on the holiday and really enjoy it to the fullest!

check back later for photos of some of the work that I have gotten done so far!

again happy crumb day!

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