Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Las Vegas, the good, the bad and the ugly

So over the last week my darling daughter turned ten! I can't believe so much time has flown by. Well ten is big right, Double Digits and all. SO we got crazy and took her to Las Vegas. Las Vegas you say...really? For a ten year old????? Well yes of course! There are white lions and tigers to see, oh yes and an amazing dolphin encounter. Then there is the insane roller coaster at New York New York which ever thrill seeker must ride. All the amazing hotels to oggle, lots of pool swimming to be done. And the crowning glory, why Cirque Du Soleil of course! Our tickets were for our last night in town and it made for quite a finale. We took her to Mystere, which she choose after watching the trailers online. She was blown away. so much so that she wasn't even able to talk about it till the next day! Over breakfast the next morning she quietly informed me that she was going to be a costume designer for Cirque and could she have more sewing classes!

so that was the good. The bad you ask, what was bad....well how exactly do you explain "the anything goes in Las Vegas" idea? To a ten yr old???? so that was an interesting discussion. the ugly, so many people out of work and loosing everything there right now. Times are hard!

a huge thank you to my in-laws, with out the time share this trip would not have been possible!


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kat said...

happy number 10 sweet minisoap!