Saturday, July 5, 2008

mmmmnnnnnn! bread

I baked this bread the other day off the back of the King Arthur Bread Flour bag. It is called oatmeal bread and OH MY GOODNESSS is it good. I seem to have lost all of my loaf pans so I just did it free form kinda like a ciabata or something. It really was the best bread I have ever made and I have made a lot of bread.

Speaking of which, I am waiting for a new book to arrive. The Tassajara Bread book is on its way to join my lovely cook book library. Am I the only one who reads them like they are novels? Any way this book is supposed to be like the end all bible of bread. I can't wait.


gsglbc said...

my sweetie is kick-ass!

~Cheydleur~ said...

looks great, can I have a recipe???