Tuesday, July 22, 2008

The animal underground railroad

I guess I have done it again. We were in the park last night, walking home from the post office, when a woman with a dog approached and asked if we could help. Sure, what do you need, says I. I can hear greg groaning silently at this moment!

-Well you see, some mean awful person just dumped a white rabbit in the other end of the park and I am asking everyone I see if they can go and rescue the poor little guy.

-m'am, I says , we will go and check it out!

so off I go, woman on a mission from the universe! Searching for the rabbit with my trusty sidekick desi buzzing around my heels! where is he mom...do you think he is ok mom? Dad, mom is going to rescue us a rabbit!!!!! Truly a scene right out of the cartoons. So we walk along at a brisk pace checking each white ball of trash for signs of bunny life, i.e. ears or tail...maybe a twitchy nose? No luck, no luck , no luck.....and as I come around one of the last trees in the park, there is bun bun waiting quietly for me to come and get him.

I calmly walked over, talking the whole way in the sooth the crazy horse voice. He let me walk right up, pet him a few times, he sniffed my hand. Then I picked him up and tucked him safely in my shirt. He rode quietly the whole way home from the park. Once home we found him a box and took a good look at him.

Who does this to animals!!!!!!! He is a bag of bones, no exagerating. If he was the only thing that stood between us and starvation, we would starve even if we did eat him ( I have no intentions of eating any of my animals now, or in the future!).His ears have no fur on them at all. They are super red and hot. Obviously an infection of some kind right, so I look inside. Oh My God! Who lets this stuff happen! His ears are filled with a nasty smelling crusty gunk ( this morning his ears are bleeding as well). Poor Bunny. Other than that he seems like he is happy to be here. He is eating well, although I am not sure if his front teeth are in good shape. It seems like at bit of a struggle for him to bit off some of the food. Either that or it has just been to long and he is not sure what to do with it.

So off I go on another crazy mission of animal rescue. How do they all find me???? I swear my animals are running an underground railroad or something.

sorry for the lack of photos, Mr. bun bun has asked us to refrain until he looks better.


~Cheydleur~ said...

oh Shaz, what an angel you are, I know Mr Bun Bun has found his true home and will flourish there...can we do anything to help?

maltagirl said...

thank you darling, no at the moment we are fine! come and meet the darling. the boys will love her.