Thursday, January 28, 2010

of sticks & string

Today I find myself with a rare day at home and a knitting basket overflowing with projects. Some started, some almost finished, some in need of starting,
and some in desperate need of help!

This mass of red yarn is all the finish components of my first sweater.
The pattern is from the Spring 2008 issue of Living Craft magazine. All that is left to do is block the pieces, sew it together and knit the neck. A word to the wise, it runs big! If Alaster was willing to wear it ( which he has stoutly informed he is not) it would be more of a sweater dress. Ah well, it is good practice for me and it will probably end up in my shop.

Next on the to do list, this beautiful pile of oh so soft finger weight yarn, so to become my first pair of socks! Aren't the colors amazing???? I am very excited and my beloved knitting mentor swears they are simple. My only trepidation being how small those needles are!!!
oh well my children will take care of me when I am old and blind right?

Last but not least are my fingerless gloves. This yarn is amazingly soft and has a really nice stretch to it, perfect for molding to my hands. Using the Toasty pattern from A Friend To Knit With, I swear I did everything they said!!! Somehow in picking up stitches for the thumb gusset, I created a few large holes around the thumb. Oh yeah, and I knitted it inside out! Argggggh, guess I have to practice those skills a bit more! Good thing my knitting mentor hasn't moved to Florida yet.

Still in the basket, a pile of cotton to be turned into washcloths, non-wool yarn to be knitted into a Chemo cap for a cousin fighting cancer and a prayer shawl for her as well. Time to get to work!

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