Sunday, January 24, 2010

breath, listen, act

for a while now, I have been feeling stuck. Maybe not stuck necessarily but not moving forward in an orderly fashion. It has seemed like I have been spinning my wheels a lot and not getting very far. I felt like one of those old gyroscopes, constantly moving in circles and not getting very far.

So I have sat in my chair for awhile, poked at my knitting and taken a breather. Some time to sit quietly ( as quietly as one can with a three-year-old) and listen. Listen to my heart's desires, make plans, and just plain old get out of my own way!

I need to do this periodically and then the dust settles and everything falls back into place. Lots of exciting opportunities coming into view. Lots of room to stretch and grow.

Come on Universe
I am ready for you now!


gsglbc said...

I'm ready with you. I love you.

maltagirl said...

thanks honey! I love you too:)

kat said...

adventures, big and small!!!

maltagirl said...

so true Kat, so true. really life is just one crazy ride:)