Wednesday, December 12, 2007

ssshhhhhhhhhh! everyone is asleep!

Hi all

wow everyone is still asleep and I actually have a moment to catch you all up on recent events. Yes, I know it is only 6:35 but usually there is at least one child up with me at this point. So woo hoo for me!!!!

So bad mommy admission time....I forgot to fill some of Desi's advent boxes. "Hey mom, there is nothing in this one!" Ohh I hate that. I remember the year my mother forgot to hide the easter eggs. I hunted for about 2 hours thinking wow she really hid them well this year. When I took a break to eat ....there they were in the fridge. I was crest fallen. I believe she has recovered from the shock but I ma not sure that i will!

At this point I still need to make some of the boxes and fill them with activities and good stuff. No rest for the wicked!

I like everyone else, am starting to feel the time pinch for all things christmas crafty. What to focus on and what to let go of until next year. At the moment lots of knitting is happening, as well as felt food re-stock. I am very pleased to announce that all of my fancy felt pasta sold out last weekend. so validating when that happens ! now to open up the etsy shop and get the post more regular.

today i will leave you with a small window into life here on my urban farm.

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