Wednesday, November 11, 2009

New Shop Photos

aren't they gorgeous! My dear friend Donni took them for me. I am going to have to give her my next born child in exchange, or maybe she might want my first born. You know, already potty trained and all, does good work in exchange for food, etc.

Seriously though, I am thrilled. I think they are so pretty. Only one problem now...all the rest of my shop photos look rather shabby in comparison. Oh Donni!

Both the strawberries and the soap sampler bags are available in the appropriate shops. Check the side bar and go have a closer look. The strawberries are very sweet for your budding chefs and the soap sample bags will make great stocking stuffers.

1 comment:

themagiconions said...

LOL! I'll take your first born any day of the week! She's a godsend to all of us. Hope mine is just like her when she's 11! Here's to hoping!
You are so funny about my photos... I feel like a rock star.