Monday, April 13, 2009

easter recovery day

today really should be voted another holiday unto itself! I here by dub the day, National Easter Recovery Day! My children are both toast ( and thankfully still asleep!) The younger is by far the worse for wear though. Sugar, sadly, is not his friend. He didn't even get that much and he is still a mess. I blame all the corn syrup in everything and If I see that pro corn syrup ad on the tv today, I might throw something! Good thing i have outlawed the tv:)

so beyond the sugar roller coaster, we had a nice day. Easter baskets were kept simple and sweet and loved by both of them.

Best of all, I was able to knit my heart out most of the day!


~Phoenix~ said...

I love your veggie patch, came out great! Easter Monday IS a bank holiday in England, designed to allow a proper recovery and very civilised too I say!

Bean said...

ooh, that little carrot patch looks so cute!! we made an orange candle, btw - check out my Flickr! <3