Wednesday, March 25, 2009

the atc kids swap

We had such fun with this swap. Desi was thrilled to get some international partners, one is Spain and one in North Wales. So of course we have gotten out the map and found all the cool places where her cards came from. She has really fallen in love with maps and the idea of travel as of late. I have promised to have a cafe au lait on the Avenue des Champs Elysees with her. I love that kid! But I digress, back to the atc process.

First I had both children do wet on wet water color painting, waldorf style. If you haven't ever done this with your kids, you must it really is such fun.

After letting that dry for a day, we made a view finder templete so Desi could find just the right parts. A view finder templete, for those of you unfamiliar, is a piece of card stock with the atc shape(or any shape) cut out of the middle. This way you can move it around the page and see what your composition will look like. Old Art School trick, huh all that money was good for something:) These became the back round of her atc cards.

She them employed her favorite Ed Emberley Book to create the images on her cards.
If you have never used one of these books, they are great fun!
I have to say, I loved every single one she made.

I rarely see her work with such focus on a project but she really got into this. It was so cool to share the swap process with her. She would check the mail box daily for the next envelope and do a little dance when it arrived.

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