Saturday, September 27, 2008

Pinwheels in the breeze

a beautiful show of pinwheels at the Roots & Shoots celebration of the International Day of Peace.

Late September always finds our Roots & Shoots group at the local celebration of International Peace day. Sadly this year we did not have our beloved Dr. Jane with us. Instead we got to chat with Pierce (james Bond) about our big project for the year, re-usable lunch kits. Our goal is to throw anything away from our lunches. Both Re-usable and To-go ware gave us special discounts to pass along to our visitors.

for 20% at reusable bags = fecd29

for 10% at to-goware = ROOTS

Now, I challenge you to do your part! Go give your lunch kit a makeover! Re-think it all, cloth napkins to bamboo utensils.

along with rubbing shoulders with stars and walking our beautiful doves in the peace parade, Our kids joined with an organization called pinwheels for peace. They all made paper pinwheels with pictures and messages of peace all over them. We had planned to plant them in the ground before the stage but to our surprise and delight there was a small field of pinwheels waiting for the kids. They were so excited to plant their pinwheels along with the rest.

I have watched the children of this Roots & Shoots group evolve over the last two years. They came away from the first peace festival with magic in their hearts after listening to Dr Jane and Julia Butterfly Hill. The change I have seen gives me hope for the future. The children now feel like they are committed to something so important and so much larger than themselves.
A very valuable lesson in this egocentric world.

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