Thursday, August 28, 2008

garden delight

well it august here on the farm (just barely) and the garden is moving into overdrive. Today I roasted a bunch of tomatoes and eggplants for future suppers. The house smells so yummy! The tomatoes are headed for roasted tomato basil soup from the vegan lunchbox book. The eggplants are destined to become eggplant fritters ala Martha Stewart! sooooo good.

This weekend I am off to a local u-pick operation. Roma tomatoes for .40 per pound. Just can't pass that up, plus the raspberries are in season. My beloved mother in law has a 1000 sq ft kitchen that I will be invading for tomato canning mania 2008. If you have to work, work in style I always say!

stay tuned for the results.....

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