Monday, May 5, 2008

Washing day - back to basics

For many moons I made my own soap and home cleaning products. I even did it for a living and I am good at it too. How did I get away from this and start buying laundry soap again??? Honestly it is very expensive for anything that is not going to blow a hole in the ozone above your house....sort of like a flag announcing your shame. The real kicker for me with the commercial laundry soap is that they don't have to list the ingredients and most of your laundry soap is filler! Yes, that's right filler, they call it inactive ingredients if they even mention it. So you are paying for all that extra powder and water to be shipped all over the country to be poured right down your drain.

To this end I highly recommend the book shown in the photo above. It is written by one of my soapy heroes, Sandy Maine. In it you will find a fabulous laundry powder recipe that I have been using for years. It works wonders! The bonus is that it makes enough for a whole year (depending on how much laundry you have) !

So I have gone back to basics here and I am making the soap again as well as hanging the clothes on the line rather than using the dryer.


~Phaedra~ said...

Oh joy! Then can I felt them with you....????

maltagirl said...

anytime girlie friend! anytime! the new studio is almost done.