Monday, April 21, 2008

Rose Valley Falls

here are the shots I took on our hike saturday morning. This is Rose Valley Falls, just up the hill from Wheeler Gorge. The hike was easy even for the 2 yr old and the reward was stunning. Come on, follow me up the hill!

We like to call these tree caves! Aren't you just waiting for the hobbits to come around the bend?

Greg and Alaster on the trail. only about a 1/2 mile to the base of the falls.

What??this is it????? No wait for it ....wait for it....
now look up!

this is the last part of the falls. It is visible about 3 miles off so you can imagine how tall it is. During a heavy rain year the water covers the whole rock face.

Still here....well we will see you on the trail!

Tent-a-cools in Joshua Tree next month!

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~Phaedra~ said...

what a lovely spot..please share!